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Photographs by Victoria Vorreiter

The Bosch Matching Grant Challenge has had an incredibly successful run, from 25 December 2011 to 15 September 2012, garnering nearly $18,000. I am deeply beholden to Leslie and David Bosch for believing in the Songs of Memory project by establishing this endowment. I am equally grateful to all of the following, whose donations will help fund the next phase of development - editing, translating and researching the Educational Films. I look forward to announcing the completed series to you!

With heartfelt thanks to all, Victoria


Thank You to Our Donors

Welcome from David and Leslie Bosch

David and Leslie Bosch are pleased to offer a grant to Resonance Productions on behalf of the Bosch Family in support of the Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life Documentary and Educational Films. We have seen the wonderful outcome of the unique field research, documentation, and collections that Victoria Vorreiter has amassed during her six years of traveling to mountain villages in Laos, Myanmar/Burma, China, and Thailand, through the exhibitions, book, compact disc, and presentations she has produced. We believe in this important archival work that she is doing in Southeast Asia, and wish to help support the project in its next phase of development.

Leslie Bosch
Leslie Bosch with Eng Villagers, Burma, 2010

Educational Films and Documentary Film

At present, a series of approximately 20 educational films is in the process of being created. Now being developed from 250 hours of footage, the Music of the Golden Triangle Educational Films represent in-depth, one-hour documentaries based on individual tribal groups, which capture a single ceremony in its entirety. The Educational Films offer the essence of these celebrations in a condensed format, featuring extended footage of music, rituals and other aspects of traditional daily village life. Visit the Educational Films page

In the future, a one-hour documentary film, ‘The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life,’ will be produced, formatted for public television, which will highlight the rarely seen ceremonies that connect traditional peoples to their ancestors, their deities, and each other through ancestral music and rites.

Victoria Vorreiter Resume

2012 Archival Work

In the coming year 2012, Victoria Vorreiter will specifically be working to complete films she that she has shot and edited, to which she will add translations and researched narratives.

These six films can currently be seen in the traveling Songs of Memory museum exhibition: Lahu Shi Harvest Festival (Myanmar/Burma), Mien Wedding (Thailand), Akha Nuqui Women’s New Year (Laos), Karen Harvest Festival (Thailand), Lisu Shae Shae New Year (China), and Hmong Baby Healing Ceremony (Laos). Visit the Events page

Intent of Matching Grant Challenge

The intent of this Challenge Grant, sponsored by the Bosch Family, is to kick off a more active awareness of the Resonance Project and to raise funds to complete these six educational films.

The Bosch Family Grant is currently seeking sponsors—businesses, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, and generous individuals—to lend their support. A contribution of any size is welcomed, as its financial impact will be doubled because of the Bosch Matching Grant.

Should you be interested in playing an instrumental role as a major donor beyond the scope of this matching grant, you may sponsor one of these six Educational Films in its entirety ($10,000). For this generosity you will receive a copy of your sponsored film, The Songs of Memory book and compact disc. In addition your name will appear in the film credits as the major sponsor and on exhibit materials. Donations of $2,000 or more will be recognized in the film credits as co-sponsors.

Of greater importance comes the knowledge that you have taken action to help document and preserve the tribal traditions of the Golden Triangle before they vanish forever.

Tax Deductible

This documentary film project has been approved for participation in the International Documentary Association’s (IDA) fiscal sponsorship program. This participation allows for contributions donated through the IDA to make use of its 501
(c)(3) status. This means your generous contribution is tax deductible in the United States. IDA letter of endorsement

The International Documentary Association

Founded in 1982, the International Documentary Association (IDA) promotes nonfiction filmmakers, and is dedicated to increasing public awareness for the documentary genre. They assure that all donations are being properly dispersed and used for the project as intended.

If you have questions about fiscal sponsorship, which are not answered here, don't hesitate to contact the IDA at

Organization of the Bosch Family Matching Grant Challenge

Grant Period: 26 December 2011 – 15 September 2012

Amount of grant and donations: During the challenge grant period, there will be a match, dollar for dollar, totaling—and limited to—$5,000, committed by the Bosch Family.

All donations counted towards the $5,000 Bosch Family Challenge Grant are made through the IDA.

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Our Experience, Our Belief

We believe in this project enough to make our own personal commitment and to reach out to others to raise awareness and support in order to help bring this important archival work to completion. After meeting Victoria at one of her exhibitions, we were able to travel to see several of the hill tribes that she had filmed. The rapid changes that we saw occurring made us acutely sensitive to how quickly their music and traditions will be lost unless they are recorded and preserved for the future.

Please join us in supporting Victoria Vorreiter, an independent filmmaker passionate about documenting the traditional music of the peoples of Southeast Asia, and the Music of the Golden Triangle documentary project.

With sincere thanks,

Leslie and David Bosch

All images and information copyright © Victoria Vorreiter.
All rights reserved.
Pictures from the openning of the photo exhibition