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Photographs by Victoria Vorreiter


Independent Archivist

In the New Year of 2005 I left behind my former life in Chicago – my family, friends, home, teaching position at DePaul University – to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to pursue my vision documenting the traditional music of the tribal people of the Golden Triangle. For five and a half years I have committed myself to life as a filmmaker and researcher. It has been an extraordinary journey – humbling, challenging, and glorious in the same breath.

The first 3 1/2 years found me trekking to remote villages through the jungles and mountains of Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and China to collect fieldwork with only the aid of a translator/guide. During these journeys, days and nights were filled with capturing songs and ceremonies through film, photos, recordings, and journals. 

Returning with such a vast body of work, the last two years have been devoted to weaving all of these materials together. First launched in Thailand, the archives has finally come out into the world as Songs of Memory in such forms as museum and photo exhibitions, educational films, a book, and recordings.

Gratitude to Sponsors of Songs of Memory

Working as an independent filmmaker, without a university or cultural organization behind the Resonance Project, it has been an honor to reach out and receive funding from like-minded, supportive individuals and organizations. 

Early on the International Documentary Association (IDA) accepted the Music of the Golden Triangle project in their fiscal sponsorship program, which allows the documentary film work a not-for-profit status. (A copy of the IDA letter can be sent upon request.)

For their generosity of spirit in believing in the Songs of Memory archival work and for contributing to its activities, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the following major sponsors: Marsha and Phil Dowd, the Jim Thompson Foundation, The Golden Triangle Gallery (Chicago), Tilleke & Gibbins, Tamarind Village (Chiang Mai), The Frankel Family Foundation and Siam Commercial Bank.

Future Activites

Many projects are planned in the coming years. 

  • A series of 20 educational films will be created from 250 hours of footage, each including full translations and researched narratives. 
  • A one-hour documentary film, ‘The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life,’ will be produced, formatted for public television.
  • The Songs of Memory museum and photo exhibitions were designed as ‘traveling collections,’ to be shown in venues around the world to inspire an international audience with these musical treasures. (If your organization would like to host these collections, please contact Victoria at the Resonance Project.)

Call for Sponsorship

For this archival work to continue into the future, further funding is required. In this regard, the Resonance Project is currently seeking sponsors to support the activities in 2012 and beyond. To potential donors – businesses, philanthropic foundations, NGOs and generous individuals – should you be interested in playing an instrumental role in helping this worthy archives to its completion, please contact Victoria. 

Donate now through the International Documentary Association(IDA)

Please know that your consideration is greatly appreciated,
August 2010

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